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2:17 PM

Athena weekly lunch.

If you've been reading my previous posts, you would have known by now that we Athena's have a tradition, and that is having lunch to...
8:08 PM

Athena - Arnold's dinner.

I have been wanting to trying Arnold's for the longest time now, and I finally got to try it today. For ages now, everyone has been te...
9:53 PM


I really like my noodles. If I had to pick between somen, soba, ramen and udon, it would be a really tough choice, but I reckon udon wou...
10:43 PM

Celebration for Shermin.

So for 3 months now, my poor Sher sher baby has been on a vegetarian diet, all because she lost a bet and had to give up her most favorite f...
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