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4:06 PM

Heart cookies.

So I have come across this beautiful heart shaped cookie recipes quite a number of times on the internet and thought to myself that I really...
11:34 PM

Girls night out.

Today's dinner date was with a lovely bunch of ladies and we had dinner at Min Jiang. Min Jiang is this posh Chinese restaurant that...
3:45 PM


Met up with an old friend, Ace, for lunch today. 10 years had passed since we last met. Apart from our age, nothing much has changed. Grea...
11:11 AM


So I have been told by a few mates that this is a Yopokki worthy advertisement. ^w^
10:17 PM

Uncle Pierre.

Uncle Pierre is a really good friend of Uncle Pat, as well as a long time business partner, and today, we went over and spent some time with...
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