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25 December 2016

Merry Christmas everyone ! May you all have a blessed one.

So we had quite a busy day today.

We started off the day by celebrating my big Kukong's birthday with a lunch at 'Good chance popiah'. For all you popiah lovers, this is the place to be. They do serve tze char as well which is good for people like me, because I don't know how to appreciate popiah. But judging by everyone's praise for it, I'm sure it's good !

Good Chance Popiah
149 Silat Avenue
Singapore 160149

There's a small catch though. The popiah is d.i.y ! Teehee.

Anyway, thank you for lunch Kukong and have a blessed birthday !

After lunch, we headed over to my god-parents place as we do every year on Christmas. I was made to eat more there. I don't think I'm going to be 40kg anymore after the festive period. Sigh.

For our evening activity, Hannah & Alicia came over for mahjong.

But before that, more eating. See what I mean ?

Well, it was my first time having 'Chicken up' and I am in love with their 'yang nyum chicken'. Extremely spicy but addictive ! Yummmmmm !

We're about to start out second round now. Wish me luck friends !
24 December 2016
It's Christmas eve and I'm sure most of you will have your parties to attend.

Well, Melvin and I spent Christmas eve with Kazumi and his bunch of tight knit mates at Eugene's amazing office.

Check out their d.i.y snowman made of plastic cups !


I'm also extremely in love with this hanging door streamer. It's so pretty !

A gathering would not be a gathering without food and here's what we had !

We had lots and lots of fried chicken from 'Chir chir' and steamboat !

We were supposed to have a gift exchange as well, but the gathering was only confirmed this morning, which made it impossible for a lot of us to do last minute shopping so it was cancelled.

For entertainment, we had different activities going on. We had 'running man' playing in the background. We had a mahjong session going on and this secret password game that will amuse you. The forfeit of the game was to eat the leftover steamboat ingredients with a whole load of chillies, It was horrible !

Well, sadly, we forgot to take a group photo !

Anyways, before I end my post, I want to thank Kazumi for her lovely present !

23 December 2016
Happy 21st birthday to meeeeee ! o(>ω<)o

I can't believe another year has gone by just like that. Time is going by way too quickly. Soon, all the kids will be calling me 'Aunty'. Oh my gosh.

So anyways, it's my first birthday being married and look what my awesome husband got me for my birthday.

ありがとう baby !

Well, here are photos taken from dinner with the #colofamily.

Yes, I made everyone wear black so that we could take this '黑色会' photo. Pretty neat huh ?

Thank you all for spending my hatch day with me. I look forward to spending many more hatch days with ya'll and thank you for the present, especially to Fufu ! 

Well, we are now at 'Teo heng' and we're going to sing to our hearts content !

22 December 2016
Happy winter solstice !

And yes I know, I am one day late.

21 December 2016


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