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27 March 2017
Tanuki raw.

Tanuki raw is now one of my favorite restaurants. They have the best beef bowl in the whole of Singapore. The beef is super tender and tasty and their rice is just heavenly. Even my father and grand-mother loves the place.

Well, here's a candid shot of them whilst waiting for our food.

Looking at the photo, I think my dad was trying to say something to me. ^w^

And here's what we had for lunch.

My dad, Melvin and myself had the beef bowl, whilst my grand-mother had the salmon bowl as she has never really been a fan of meat. That last bowl of chirashi don that you see there was the second bowl that my dad had. Yes, he has a humongous appetite ! Tee hee.

Well, for all you interested parties, here's the address.

Tanuki Raw
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896 
25 March 2017
Arghhhhh, my boy really gets on my nerves sometimes.

Here's why.

I honestly didn't know what to get him for Valentine's day and so I suggested that I'd get him this console where you can just plug and play. It actually contains all the old school games so I thought it was pretty cool. And yes, you guessed it. Again, I saw this through facebook. He kept telling me that it was a waste of money and so he didn't want it.

And see what he goes and does a little over a month later ?

That's my boy for you ! ^w^

Dinner today was yet again from 'Samurice', but instead of getting their rice balls, I decided to try their rice bowl instead and boy was it good !

Man, there goes my almost carb free diet. What can I say ? I'm a sucker for Japanese rice. T.T
24 March 2017

It's been a while since we last had a beef bowl and even though the standards have declined tremendously, it's still good when you're craving for it ! ^w^
23 March 2017
Whoa, I'm super excited to get my hair done !

For months now, I've been seeing advertisements from 'Dixmondsg' on facebook and everytime I see it, I'd open the page to look at their gorgeous hair colors. I finally decided that I wanted to try it out to see if I could get the ash blonde look !

We went down to the 'toy outpost' at 'Jurong point' 2 days ago to attempt to get the full set but unfortunately they didn't have the ash blonde in stock. I then decided to text the number to try and order through the agent instead as I really needed product before next Wednesday. The lady was extremely patient with me throughout our conversation. I was bombarding her with all this questions and she answered every single one of them. Thumbs up !

So after I was sure which hair length I was and all, I ordered through her, made an online payment and by evening, she had informed me that she had posted it out.

And so, 2 days later, I received the products !

I will update the end product next week.

Dinner today was a lovely home-cooked meal by my grand-mother. She had prepared my favorite bittergourd and steamed pomfret for me and braised pork belly and buns for Melvin.

21 March 2017
Lunch at the grand-mother in-law.

It's always a joy to go over and have lunch with her every week. I feel extremely blessed to be part of the family !

As for dinner, I ordered an onigiri through 'ubereats' again. I cannot imagine the look on the riders face going all the way to 'starvista' to collect ONE rice ball and then riding all the way to deliver it to my door step. I am so glad I am not the one opening the door. ^w^

Seeing as I had the ikura rice ball yesterday, I decided to try the mentaiko one today and yes, it's equally as good !

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